john deere

Order planter parts for John Deere planters from Shoup. View our options below and choose the aftermarket planter parts that best fit your needs. You can depend on Shoup for friendly customer service and speedy shipping!

select from:

acre counter
blower moter
closing wheel
copperhead ag closing wheel
control box
corn meter
contact wheel air bag
down pressure air bag
down pressure springs
drive-seed hopper
drive-main wheel
drive-seed transmission
dry fertilizer
covering disc attachment
equalizer and walking gauge wheel
fertilizer attachments complete
fertilizer double disc
fertilizer single disc
fertilizer pump
gauge wheel
gauge wheel arm
gauge wheel arm kit
graphite and talc
seed hopper
hopper extension
hose, vacuum and seed delivery
hex shaft
hopper support panel
keeton complete firmers
keeton replacement tails
firmer tubing and push-in fittings
no-till coulter assembly
no-till coulter bearing
no-till coulter blade
plate planter conversion kit
parallel linkage
row cleaner
row cleaner parts
row unit
seed opener scraper
seed opener
seed sensor and tube
soybean brush meter
spray bracket
support panel
vacuum blower motor
vac meter seals and brush
vac to finger meter conversion kit
wavevision sensor