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  • agricultural bearings

    Agricultural Bearings

    Our agricultural bearings will keep your equipment in line. Shoup Manufacturing works with the top manufacturers to offer agricultural radial ball bearings, agricultural disc harrow bearings and agricultural tapered bearings that provide tight, efficient control over machine operations. Our reputation for attentive customer service and fast, hassle free shipping has been a key part of our success and continued growth.

    You can learn more about the different types of agricultural bearings we carry by visiting the following pages:

  • agricultural chain

    Agricultural Chain

    Agricultural chains are as different as the purposes for which they are used – making it crucial to choose the correct agricultural chain for your equipment. Fortunately, the knowledgeable staff at Shoup Manufacturing can guide you through the many types of agricultural roller chains, agricultural steel detachable chains and agricultural manure spreaders chains that we carry. All of our high quality parts are provided by top notch manufacturers, and our shipping standards ensure that your order will arrive quickly.

    To check out the wide range of agricultural chains, click below:

  • agricultural electronics

    Agricultural Electronics

    Provided you choose the correct equipment, agricultural electronics can make your life easier and your business thrive. A tool like an agricultural moisture tester will help you get the most from your harvest, while agricultural planter monitors, combined with an agricultural GPS or radar give you an edge over your competition. Shoup Manufacturing carries all of these products as well as agricultural linear actuators. All of our parts and equipment are high quality because we work with established manufacturers who have a reputation for excellence. We have our own great reputation for customer service and fast shipping, both providing a hassle free shopping experience.

    Click below to view our selection of agricultural electronics:

  • bolts, nuts, fasteners

    Bolts, Nuts, Fasteners

    They may be tiny in size, but as anyone who has worked in agriculture knows, parts like bolts, nuts and fasteners can make an enormous difference in how equipment performs. Shoup Manufacturing recognizes this, and has built a successful business on supplying high quality parts. From washers to u-bolts, we carry a wide selection of parts from the best manufacturers in the industry. Dealing with our staff members will be a breeze, as we take great pride in customer service. Before you know it, your order will have shown up at your door thanks to our efficient shipping process.

    Click below for more information about the bolts, nuts and fasteners we supply:

  • combine parts

    Combine Parts

    Buy combine parts, platform parts, and cornhead parts at Shoup. We stock a large selection of OEM replacement combine parts for Case-IH, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, CFC, Challenger, Crary, Geringhoff, Gleaner, Harvestec, Herschel, Lexion, Macdon, SCH-Schumacher and White. You can count on us for quality agricultural parts, knowledgeable customer service and fast shipping.

  • cultivator, rotary hoe

    Cultivator, Rotary Hoe

    You will be kicking up dirt in no time with the large selection of cultivator parts we offer at Shoup Manufacturing. Whether you need parts for a “classic” like a rotary hoe or a field cultivator, or a more cutting edge type of cultivator, we have the parts to fulfill that need. Our knowledgeable customer service staff will go above and beyond to get the right parts for your equipment. This process is made possible by the relationships we have fostered with the best manufacturers in the business, ensuring that all of our products are of the highest quality.

    So whether you know exactly what kind of cultivator you need, or you are looking for a bit of guidance, you can review your options below:

  • deep tillage parts

    Deep Tillage Parts

    Deep tillage equipment suffers a great deal of wear and tear due to the nature of its function. That is why investing in high quality deep tillage equipment and deep tillage parts like those sold by Shoup Manufacturing is crucial. Over the course of our 35 years in business, we have established lasting relationships with the top rated companies in the industry. Consequently, our inventory includes replacement parts for John Deere deep tillage parts and Case-IH deep tillage parts. Your order will arrive promptly due to our fast, hassle-free shipping process.

    Learn more about the large variety of deep tillage equipment and deep tillage parts by contacting us or visiting the following pages:

  • disc, vertical tillage

    Disc, Vertical Tillage

    Disc harrows and vertical tillage tools are a couple of popular options farmers have for working their ground. Whichever one you use, it is a given that parts will wear out. Rebuilding a disc harrow or vertical tillage tool is a tough job, and at Shoup Manufacturing, we want to make sure you have to do that the least amount possible. That’s why we carry a wide variety of heavy duty disc blades, disc bearings, spacer spools, disc scrapers, and disc axles that meet or exceed the OEM specifications. We are pleased to offer replacement disc harrow parts for names like John Deere, Case-IH, Kewanee, Miller, and others. We have vertical tillage parts for Great Plains, McFarlane, and Salford. We also get your order to you promptly, with our lightning fast shipping process.

    To learn more about the vertical tillage equipment we carry, view below:

  • flail shredder parts

    Flail Shredder Parts

    Whether you use your flail shredder to chop up corn stalks after harvest, mow hay, or to remove Manufacturing for flail shredder parts that will stand up in the toughest conditions. When the time comes to replace your side knives, cup knives, D-rings, knife pivots, bushings, idler pulleys, or belts we have products for the biggest names in the industry. We have replacement John Deere flail shredder parts, Case-IH flail shredder parts, Brillion flail shredder parts, Fox Brady flail shredder parts, and New Idea flail shredder parts. You will not have to worry about long downtimes while waiting for your equipment to arrive, as we have developed a fast and hassle free shipping process that ensures your order arrives quickly.

    To browse our vast selection of flail shredder parts, view below:

  • forage harvester parts

    Forage Harvester Parts

    Effective harvesting is all about striking a delicate balance between speed and care. For this reason, you need a forage harvester that performs the job quickly and efficiently. High quality forage harvester parts and equipment will help you achieve this goal, maximizing the quality of your harvested forage. Shoup Manufacturing works with the best manufacturers in the business, carrying replacement John Deere forage harvester parts, New Holland forage harvester parts and Case-IH forage harvester parts. Whether you need knives, shear bars, or gathering chains, we know you will be fully satisfied with these highly regarded parts from Shoup Manufacturing. Another advantage of working with us is our speedy and hassle free shipping process. You will not have to lose time during harvest season waiting for your order to arrive.

    To learn more about our forage harvester parts, view below:

  • grain handling, augers

    Grain Augers, Flighting

    Obviously, a hydraulic auger is a significant investment to make. Therefore, selecting the right company to supply your grain auger and grain auger parts is an important decision. At Shoup Manufacturing, we carry high quality hydraulic augers in either cupped poly flighting or cupped steel flighting. The cupped flighting used in our augers will handle seed beans more gently than conventional flighting as well as effectively move dry fertilizer. You can expect your hydraulic auger from Shoup Manufacturing to work under heavy field use, because we know that the last thing you need is for an equipment problem to slow you down. In order to ensure that your equipment performs well for years, it is important to maintain it with high quality components. We stock cupped replacement flighting for our hydraulic augers and also standard replacement flighting in many sizes for a wide variety of auger applications. At Shoup Manufacturing, we want to limit your downtime and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so we have set up a shipping process that is fast and efficient, ensuring that your order arrives on your doorstep quickly.

    To browse our supply of grain augers and grain auger parts including replacement flighting, view below:

  • grain drill parts

    Grain Drill Parts

    You don’t just pull your grain drill around the field for fun. You do it to provide for your family; you do it to feed our nation. And that is why it is so important to keep your grain drills and air seeders operating at the peak of performance. We carry a wide variety of grain drill parts and air seeder parts for John Deere, Case-IH, Great Plains, Haybuster, Sunflower, Tye, United Farm Tools, and others. We also have Keeton Seed Firmers and S.I. Belt Meters to improve seed placement and maximize germination. Whether you are getting ready for planting or are down in the field, Shoup Manufacturing can get you the parts you need fast.

    Click below to find what you need for your machine:

  • hubs, spindles, wheels

    Hubs, Spindles, Wheels

    Stay on the go with agricultural wheels, agricultural hubs and agricultural spindles from Shoup Manufacturing. Our product line – which also includes agricultural reinforcement rings, agricultural dust caps and agricultural tire and wheel assemblies – is made up of many different types of equipment and tools, giving you plenty of options from which to choose. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about downtime affecting productivity, as we take pride in fast shipping that will deliver your order to your doorstep in no time flat.

    You can review our selection of agricultural wheels, agricultural hubs and agricultural spindles by visiting the following pages:

  • hydraulic accessories

    Hydraulic Accessories

    At Shoup Manufacturing, we stock a large assortment of hydraulic accessories because we know that hydraulics are the backbone of your operations, powering nearly every kind of implement including combine headers, planters, grain drills, loaders for tractors, balers, field cultivators, sprayer pumps, grain and fertilizer augers, and forage harvesters. Therefore, it is essential to purchase high quality hydraulic accessories that will hold up under pressure and support your equipment’s performance. Shoup Manufacturing has been supplying hydraulic accessories like cylinders, directional valves, hose flow control valves, Fasse multipliers, hose assemblies, hydra grips and log splitter valves to farmers since 1977. We realize how important these parts are to the productivity of your business, so we have made a commitment to delivering our customers’ orders quickly.

    Check out our selection of hydraulic accessories by visiting the following pages to see how we can meet your operation’s needs:

  • in the shop

    In the Shop

    At Shoup Manufacturing, we want to make the process of shopping for agricultural supplies as comprehensive for our customers as possible. We understand that you do not have time to visit numerous websites for different supplies, so we have taken great steps to ensure that you can find everything you need when you work with us. We carry agricultural equipment parts including lawn mower blades, fuel pumps, meters, nozzles, fuel tank filters, booster cables and transfer pumps. The tools in our inventory include o-ring repair kits, thread repair kits, sickle rivet tools, barn scrapers and test weight scales. Our vast inventory of agricultural equipment includes grease and lube equipment, Milton air equipment and radiator cleaning systems.

    You can learn more about our selection of agricultural equipment, tools and parts by visiting the following pages:

  • lighting and safety

    Lighting, Safety

    Even the seemingly minor details like agricultural lighting fixtures can have a major impact on the flow of your operations. Shoup Manufacturing understands this, and that is why we offer plenty of agricultural lighting options for all of your needs. Our selection of agricultural lighting includes HID xenon lights, halogen lights, strobe lights, LED lights, flashlights and implement light kits. In addition, we carry hitch pins, reflective tape, smv emblems and a safety step traction kit. We want your business to run as safely and efficiently as possible, so we will ship your order to you in the blink of an eye.

    You can learn more about the different types of agricultural lighting and agricultural lighting fixtures we carry by visiting the following pages:

  • moldboard plow parts

    Moldboard Plow Parts

    You can cut your plowing work in half when you purchase durable, high performance moldboard plow parts from Shoup Manufacturing. We have been in business for 35 years, so we know our stuff, and we have established relationships with top rated manufacturers along the way. Consequently, our large inventory of moldboard plow parts includes replacement parts for John Deere moldboard plow parts. We also carry rib shares, shins, moldboards, trashboards and landsides. You will not have to worry about suffering through downtime when you order from our company, as we have perfected a fast, hassle free shipping process.

    To learn more about our moldboard plow parts, give us a call today or visit the following pages:

  • mowers, balers, rakes

    Hay Cutting, Baler Parts

    When you are cutting and baling hay timing is crucial. You can’t afford to lose money on a cutting because your baler or rake is down and waiting for parts. In fact, you need your cutting, raking and baling equipment to be operating at the peak of performance. We have the parts you need to do just that. Shoup Manufacturing carries replacement John Deere baler parts, New Holland baler parts, and Vermeer baler parts that will keep you harvesting and baling hay quickly and efficiently. The parts we carry include cutting parts for windrowers, mowers, and mower conditioners. We also carry round baler belts, baler chains, bale thrower belts, bale gathering wheels, baler poly pickup bands and rake wheel assemblies. Your order will arrive quickly thanks to our lightning fast shipping process, which is smooth and hassle free.

    To take a closer look at our large selection of hay cutting parts and baler parts, view below:

  • NH3, fertilizer application

    NH3 Knives, Sealers

    Are you in need of NH3 knives that will retain their “cutting edge,” holding up to strenuous tasks? Shoup Manufacturing offers high quality NH3 knives including NH3 fertilizer knives and NH3 disc sealers. Established in 1977, we are well versed in the agricultural equipment industry, so we are able to recognize high quality equipment and tools. Simply put, we only purchase the best products. Customer service is also important to us, and it fuels our commitment to lightning fast, hassle free shipping that will ensure your order arrives in no time flat.

    We encourage you to check out our supply of NH3 knives and NH3 disc sealers knives by visiting the following pages:

  • planter parts

    Planter Parts

    With the cost of seed corn these days, producers can’t afford to leave anything but the weather to chance. Let Shoup Manufacturing provide you with the quality parts you need to make sure your planter is in tip-top shape for the upcoming planting season. We carry a variety of OEM replacement planter parts for John Deere MaxEmerge™ – Max-Emerge®2 – Max-Emerge® Plus – Pro – XP – XP Pro, Case-IH, Kinze®, White Seed Boss®, Great Plains, and Monosem Plus. We also manufacture many products to upgrade your planter and carry others from names you can trust like Precision Planting™, Keeton®, and Yetter. Limit your down time by taking advantage of Shoup Manufacturing’s efficient shipping process.

    Click one of the links below to see what we offer for your planter:

  • soil finisher parts

    Soil Finisher Parts

  • soilsaver parts

    Soilsaver Parts

    Well-made soilsaver parts can go a long way towards improving your soil management efforts and preparation of your soil for planting. Shoup Manufacturing recognizes that soilsaver blades and soilsaver axles face a great deal of stress on a regular basis, and therefore must be manufactured to stand the test of time. We also carry bearings, spools, chisel points, one piece moldboards and two piece moldboards for soilsavers. You will not have to worry about downtime when replacing your soilsaver parts through our company, as we have perfected a fast, hassle free shipping process.

    You can learn more about our selection of soilsaver parts like soilsaver blades, soilsaver axles, soilsaver bearings and soilsaver spools by visiting the following pages:

  • sprayer parts

    Sprayer Parts

    We all know that chemical application is crucial to the health of your crops – but did you know there are agricultural sprayer parts that can vastly improve spraying accuracy and efficiency? With this in mind, Shoup Manufacturing carries a vast assortment of sprayer parts including sprayer pumps, sprayer controllers, sprayer monitors, sprayer boom parts and spot sprayers. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you narrow down which options are best for your situation. You will not have to wait long to receive your new products, either, with our efficient shipping process.

    You can take a closer look at our selection of agricultural sprayer parts by visiting the following links:

  • tractor accessories

    Tractor Accessories

    What good is a tractor without the proper accessories to maximize its value? Shoup Manufacturing recognizes this, and in response, offers a full repertoire of tractor accessories from the best names in the business. We carry Ford tractor accessories, John Deere tractor accessories, Kubota tractor accessories, Allis-Chalmers tractor accessories, Case-IH tractor accessories and Massey Ferguson tractor accessories. Whether you have a favorite manufacturer or are unsure of which options are most suitable for your needs, our team will provide the information and guidance necessary to make the best decision. From there, you can expect your tractor accessories to arrive at your doorstep quickly due to our fast shipping process.

    Visit the links below to view all of the accessories available to you:

  • tractor parts

    Tractor Parts

  • truck hitches

    Truck Filters, Hitches

    You can learn more about our selection of ball hitches and trailer hitch balls by visiting the following pages:

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