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We've changed our site to make it easier for our customers. Check out the exciting new features we've added:


Customer Information

No more retyping your contact information every time you place an order. Just fill out the registration form once and we'll store it securely and privately to make checkout faster and easier. You can register at any time by selecting the First time at our site? link.  When you return to the site, just Log In and then you will have access to all of the new features. In the My Account Preferences section, you can also edit your preferences for mailing and email lists.  In the My Account Information section, you can edit your personal information, change your password, edit your billing address, and add or edit your shipping addresses.



Save time by bookmarking items on our site that you access frequently. Find the part once, then click on Add to Favorites. Next time you're looking for that part, just click on My Favorites to find it. You can even type in the quantity you need and add those parts to your shopping cart right from your Favorites list.  Quick and easy!


Shopping Cart

You can now name and save multiple shopping carts until you are ready to place those orders. For example, you're ordering parts for that planter that you're working on and remember a couple of things you need for the combine. But you're not ready to start working on that yet. makes it easy to keep from forgetting those parts the next time you're ready to order.  Just click on Create New Cart, name it Combine, or whatever you like, click the pencil icon with the green OK dot to save it, find those combine parts and add them to the cart. Then switch back to your original cart to finish up and place that planter parts order.  When you get ready to pull the combine in the shop, just come back to the website and that Combine shopping cart will be there waiting for you.


Order History

Now you can view past orders and track them online. When you click on Order History you'll access all of your orders made in the last year, regardless of how you placed the order - website, fax, or phone. Just click on the invoice number to see detailed order and shipping information. You can even track your order with our Tracking Information feature, where you'll get a quick link to UPS for delivery confirmation.


Live Customer Service

When you see the green ONLINE signal in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, that means we have a shoup sales and technical service representative standing by to answer your questions.  Just click the button, give us your name and email address, and chat with one of our Shoup sales team members.  Many of our customers are making use of this new feature already, so if the queue is full, just type in your comment or question along with your name (a phone number, too, if you like) and we will get back to you by the next business day.


Quick Order

Looked up your parts in the catalog or know them by heart and want to order online?  Just type in up to four quantities and part numbers and then click the Order Now button to add them to your shopping cart all at once.  Need more than four part numbers?  That's just as easy.  Just put another four qantities and part numbers in the now empty text boxes, click the Order Now button again and we'll add those items to your shopping cart, too.

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