Hydraulic Auger With Poly Cupped Flighting

Hydraulic Auger With Poly Cupped Flighting

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6 in. x 16 ft. hydraulic auger with poly flighting. Fits 22 in. - 30 in. door opening. Door opening is measured from outside to outside of angle irons.

The auger is driven by a 6.8 cubic inch hydraulic motor that is mounted on the bottom of the tube, putting less weight on the end of tube and making hose connections close at hand.

A control rod is attached to the end of valve so speed can be varied and the auger turned off and on from anywhere along the tube.

Cupped style flighting is your best choice for gentle seed handling and minimizing auger damage to seed beans. This style auger is used and recommended by many major seed companies. This auger is also ideal for bulk handling of soybeans or dry fertilizer!

The auger is equipped with a hand winch that allows easy handling of the tube, lets the auger swing 180 degrees to either side of the wagon, and permits easy access to the transport cradle.

The hopper is angled for fast, easy flow and is designed to fit all model gravity boxes.

Kit includes 14 gauge tube, hydraulic motor, auger with cupped flighting, winch and cable assembly, transport cradle, hopper, 34" canvas spout, and all mounting hardware. Hydraulic hoses are not included.