Receiver Hitch with Stationary Drawbar

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Schuck cushion hitch with 4" drop. Contains injection molded urethane cushions to absorb end thrust shock and high density polyethane bearings to increase tongue loads. There is no metal to metal contact which translates to a smoother and quieter ride. 

  • Fits 2" receiver. Stationary drawbar. Includes pin and keeper.
  • Tongue height should be 16" to 18" off the ground. Measure from center of receiver tube to the ground and subtract 4" to determine tongue height on your truck.
  • Specifications 1,000 lb. tongue weight; 40,000 lbs. pulling capacity; 1" drawbar pin hole. Fits full size pickups only.

Check vehicle owners manual for towing specifications, do not exceed maximum towing load specifications of vehicle or receiver hitch.