TractorMat Floor Mat

Part #SH219391

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TractorMat™ removable floor mat. Durable and form fitting, designed to fit the cab perfectly. Flexible highgrade plastic construction makes installation and removal for cleaning quick and easy. Made in U.S.A.

For John Deere tractors 6105M, 6110M, 6115M, 6120M, 6125M, 6130M, 6140M, 6145M, 6150M, 6155M, 6170M, 6175M, 6230, 6230 Premium, 6330, 6330 Premium, 6430, 6430 Premium, 7130, 7130 Premium, 7230, 7230 Premium, 7330, 7330 Premium, 7430 Premium, 7530 Premium.

Tan color.

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