CopperheadAg Concave Set

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CopperheadAg concave set. Includes front, middle, rear concaves and 3 cover plates.

  • For Case-IH combines 1680, 1688, 2188, 2377, 2388, 2577, 2588, 5088, 5130, 5140, 6088, 6130, 6140, 7088, 7130, 7140.

Crop Flexiblity. Harvest all crops with one set of concaves. The Copperhead concave system uses 3 cover plates, 2 in the first concave and 1 in the second. Cover plates are completely adjustable and/or removable which allows you to harvest any crop with the same set of concaves. Easy adjustment makes is it possible to dial in close to zero rotor loss.

Faster Threshing. Machined, 90˚, hard-surfaced, notch on the face of the bars, restricts the flow. Restricted flow forces the grain to thresh quickly, keeping the machine from overloading the separating section. This system does not require the concave to be full to get the grain to thresh properly, restricted flow is what gets the crop to thresh properly.

Less Crop Loss. Copperhead concaves are designed with a 68% larger bar opening than original equipment. The extra space between bars allows threshed grain to unload in the concave section rather than carrying it through to the separating section. By not overloading the seperator the main reason for rotor loss is eliminated.