Cam Follower Bearing

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Cam follower bearing with nut for baler pickup.

Case-IH balers RB444, RB454, RB455, RB464, RB465, RB554, RB564, RB565, RBX441, RBX442, RBX443, RBX451, RBX452, RBX453, RBX461, RBX462, RBX463, RBX552, RBX553, RBX561, RBX562, RBX563.
New Holland balers 450 variable chamber, 460, 560, 585, BR730, BR730A, BR740, BR740A, BR750, BR750A, BR770, BR770A, BR780, BR780A, BR7050, BR7060, BR7070, BR7080, BR7090.

Replaces - Case-IH, New Holland No 84350126