Wedge Kit

Part #SH99085

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This wedge kit changes the angle of the cornhead by 6-1/2° to make head more level. Material flows easier helping to eliminate debris pile-up.

Fits John Deere low profile 40 series.

Fits John Deere 90 series:
all 492 and 493; 494 prior to s/n 690315
692, 693 prior to s/n 690680, 694 prior to s/n 690618
892 prior to s/n 692852, 893 prior to s/n 695521, 894 prior to s/n 670906
1092 prior to s/n 690322
1290 prior to s/n 690666, 1291 prior to s/n 690703, 1293 prior to s/n 695755

Cornheads with chain coupler drives will need to convert to PTO type drives. See SH99118, SH99136, and SH99137.
Not for use on sidehill combines.