Tractor Track

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25" wide track.

  • For John Deere tractors
    • 8100T, 8110T, 8120T, 8200T, 8210T, 8220T, 8230T, 8300T, 8310T, 8320T, 8330T, 8400T, 8410T, 8420T, 8430T, 8520T.
Carcass Thickness (mm) 41
Tread Lug Height (mm) 66
No. of Treads 94
Carcass Plies 4

Designed to provide a large footprint with minimal vibration. Treads are abrasion and puncture resistant, engineered for less stress on the track and improved soil cleanout. Tracks are steel wire reinforced that is optimally posistioned for consistent tracking and longitudinal strength. Edges are reinforced for added tensile member protection. Guide lugs are shaped for optimal flexiblity and durability.

48 month limited warranty, prorated after the first year.