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Shoup has an outstanding reputation within the agriculture industry, but to reach our goals for growth, word of mouth is not enough; we need a marketing plan that uses forward thinking strategies to acquire new customers and retain the ones who have been with us for years. We currently utilize several different advertising channels, including print, search and email, and are always searching for new and exciting ways to engage our customers. We want to add marketing professionals to our team who have extensive knowledge of print, digital, search, social, content, and email marketing techniques and who can help us enhance our current marketing and branding efforts. If you have marketing experience and a proven record of success in building multi-channel strategies, and if you are looking for a work environment where you will be challenged and rewarded for success, apply online and let’s see if we can grow together.

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“I have worked for Shoup Manufacturing for several years. Changing professions at middle age can be stressful, but all my co-workers were so friendly and helpful that it was a very positive experience. Since I’ve been here, Shoup has encouraged me to learn new things and I continue to grow; it’s a wonderful working environment.”   
          -Nancy Neiner, Catalog Department-