Our Aftermarket Tractor Parts Exceed OEM Standards

Shoup only offers replacement parts that meet or exceed industry standards. We have our own manufacturing division and in-house R&D team where we build and test all replacement parts for product quality and durability. Our process includes building prototypes and testing tractor parts in customer fields. We seek to make continual improvements to our products and look for ways to save our customers time. After our products have been thoroughly tested, we feature them in our physical and online catalog.

One solution we created was a ProForm Kit for our farmers. Reupholstering a farm tractor seat can get messy with glue and wrinkles. To help our customers be more efficient, we developed a replacement parts solution to use pre-cut upholstery with plastic backing to ensure a fast and wrinkle-free installation.

Shoup only offers replacement parts that meet or exceed industry standards.

When you need it, you need it. Downtime in farming can quickly take things from bad to worse, so Shoup’s reliability and extensive stock makes them a crucial resource.

Douglas J., Nebraska

Preventative Maintenance Tractor Tips

Mid-season breakdowns can happen, but having a preventative maintenance routine can reduce your downtime. Here are a few tips from our team:

  1. Keep a written record of your tractor’s serial or Product Identification Number (PIN) and odometer. This information will help you find the year, make and model of your equipment quickly when looking for replacement parts.
  2. Inspect your tractor equipment regularly. Start your tractor, look and listen for leaks or unusual sounds.
  3. Regularly check filters, hoses, radiators, and engine parts.
  4. Check the cab, articulation, undercarriage, and suspension.
  5. Keep spare common-wear aftermarket parts available.

You can count on Shoup to be your trusted partner to help keep your tractor in proper working condition. Taking time to review your equipment at the end of the season will help you plan off-season repairs. Whenever you need replacement tractor parts, Shoup is here to help with quick shipping.