Vanguard VM-5600 Monitor Console

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  • Indicates seed flow by row with a bar graph for comparison between rows with low/no seed visual indicators.
  • Displays real time population by row or entire planter.
  • Singulation display with percentage of skips and doubles across all rows.
  • Seed spacing displayed in inches with average/min./max. across all rows.
  • Displays acres per hour, acre counter (up to 3 total), speed display (MPH).
  • Automatically detect number of rows on startup.
  • 7" color touch screen with day/night screen modes and adjustable backlight in aluminum housing.
  • Adjustable audible alarm.
  • 15 ft. detachable harness cable, 12 ft. power cable. Order SH37075 adapter cable if replacing John Deere monitor.
  • 1.5" RAM ball mount for use with RAM mount arms.

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Includes GPS Speed Sensor
Size Up to 32 Rows
Style Population
Style Connector 37-Pin Round for DICKEY-john® Harness
Use With 647141, SH37075, SH77013