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Flexco Alligator Belt Splice

Part #RB15003

Flexco splices for 14" belt width. Package includes fasteners, rivets and pins to complete 2 splices.

  • Fasteners and rivets are formed from stainless steel for strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Large .125" hardened spring steel connecting pin.
  • For belt thicknesses .125" to .218".
  • Fasteners can be easily cut to shorter lengths as required.
  • Fast and easy field installation. Flexco Applicator Tool is required.
  • Low profile, can be used with net wrap.

Do not mix Flexco and Clipper lacing on the same baler.

What lacing is right for you?
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Brand Flexco Alligator®
Quantity 2 splices
Width For 10 in belt width
Use With RB15001, RB15002, RB15004