Keiser Bin Bolt Cover

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Grain bin cleanout just got easier. Scooping and sweeping grain bins can be a frustrating and time consuming task. Flashing bolts are hard to work around and catch your shovel with every scoop.

Keiser Covers provide an effective and durable solution. The angled plastic covers move grain away from the wall and keep bolts hidden. Installation is easy with no holes to drill, using existing flashing bolts and self tapping screws (included).

Designed for bins with low back flashing (1-1/2" to 2" tall) and 9-3/8" to 9-1/2" bolt spacing. Use one cover per section of floor flashing.

Bin Size Qty. Used
21' 84
24' 96
27' 108
30' 120
36' 144
42' 168
48' 192

Patent No 9,303, 414