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The people who work in these departments form the support team we need to keep the company running smoothly. The administration division includes human resources and the accounting department. Because employees working in these areas deal with employees from other divisions as well as customers and vendors on a daily basis, they have well developed communication and organizational skills and strong problem solving abilities. As a member of our administration team, you will experience the challenges of coordinating with and organizing the accounts of both customers and vendors. You'll also experience the rewards of helping Shoup employees get the most from everything this great company has to offer. Maybe you can become a part of our team. 

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 “Shoup employees take great pride in what we do. We work as a team, and everyone feels like family. It’s easy to talk to and get help from people in all departments. You’re acknowledged when you do well and if you want to succeed, you can do it here.”
          -Allie Loftin, Accounting-