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The Shoup website is playing an increasingly important role in serving our customers, and the e-commerce department is responsible for continuing that success. Our customers expect and deserve an internet shopping experience that is as visually stimulating as it is easy to use. We feel that we have the best website in our industry, but this team is never satisfied and works to continually improve our customers’ shopping experience.  Our ultimate goal is to provide customers a platform where they can quickly and easily order the correct parts for their equipment and also get help if they need it. We are constantly looking for ways to use new technologies to achieve this goal. If you have experience in web design or development along with proficiency with HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, .Net, or C♯; have excellent attention to detail; enjoy problem solving; and know what internet shoppers want and will work to give it to them, this might be the position for you. Submit your application today and become a valued member of the Shoup Manufacturing team.

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“When I first came to work for Shoup in 2005, I just wanted a job to pay the bills while I was attending college, but what I found was a second family and a new career. My supervisors recognized my strengths and put me in positions that allowed me to make the most of them. This job is challenging on so many different levels because there are multiple projects going on at the same time. It is very satisfying to know that my contributions here are appreciated and it is reassuring to know that Shoup really cares about me and my family. All of these facts inspire me to keep finding new ways to improve my department and help this company grow. My experience is not unique at Shoup; if you have the drive to improve and excel, Shoup will give you every opportunity to succeed.”           
          -Eric Maguire, E-Commerce-