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Shoup manufactures and markets thousands of parts to farmers around the country and the world.  Farmers all across the country depend on us for the parts that keep their equipment running.  Our machinists are dedicated to producing quality farm replacement parts that keep our customers satisfied. We have a large scale machine shop with everything from simple presses to the latest CNC machines. Our engineers work closely with the R&D team to design and test new products, the welders fabricate high quality heavy-duty components, and the paint shop ensures their appearance meets our high standards. The work done in our manufacturing facility is held to the highest standards because field use is demanding and our customers deserve only the best parts that will last.  To meet these high expectations, we need professional, skilled, and dedicated men and women who have the desire to excel.  Apply today and find out what opportunities are available at Shoup Manufacturing.

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“Job security seems to be a thing of the past these days; not so at Shoup Manufacturing. In the thirty-plus years of operation, they have never laid anyone off or let anyone go for lack of work. The quality of the parts we produce are second to none, and word must be spreading because I have seen growth here in leaps and bounds. It gives me great confidence and peace of mind to know that I will be here for many, many years to come.”           
           -Michael Honn, Welding Shop-

“I have been employed with Shoup Manufacturing since 1990 and can honestly say I never had to worry about being laid off; business continues to grow each year.  I am also involved with the safety program and appreciate the resources the company has invested towards safety improvements.”           
           -Steve Betourne, Manufacturing Division-